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Friday, March 8, 2013

COVER REVEAL: Even in Darkness (Between #3) by Cyndi Tefft

I haven't been posting much at all this year. With the baby on the way (end of May) I have been insanely busy and exhausted and something had to give and that has been my reading and with that my blogging. I try to do what I can, but I had to help get the word out that Even in Darkness (Between #3) is coming out April 1st and the cover reveal is TODAY! 

The 3rd in the Between Series is coming April 1st and 
here's the Cover!

This is my favourite Between cover yet. I love the flames and the shape of the girl. It also perfectly matches the first two in the series.

I'm not going to post the description of Even in Darkness since it contains spoilers to the first two books, but if you click the goodreads link it will take you to Cyndi's page where you can find out about all three books in the sereis!

To find out more about this series check out these links

Monday, January 14, 2013

review: The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George

The Edge of Nowhere by Elizabeth George
PUB: Sept. 4th 2012
by Viking Juvenile
REVIEW COPY: personal hardcover
440 pages
ISBN: 0670012963

Whidbey Island may be only a ferry ride from Seattle, but it's a world apart. When Becca King arrives there, she doesn't suspect the island will become her home for the next four years. Put at risk by her ability to hear "whispers"--the thoughts of others--Becca is on the run from her stepfather, whose criminal activities she has discovered. Stranded and alone, Becca is soon befriended by Derric, a Ugandon orphan adopted by a local family; Seth, a kindhearted musician and high school dropout; Debbie, a recovering alcoholic who takes her in; and Diana, with whom Becca shares a mysterious psychic connection.

The Edge of Nowhere is Elizabeth George's first foray into YA writing and what a great start it is. This is a smart book with strong characters and an interesting mystery. 
There is a paranormal element to the story, in Becca, the main character's ability to hear "whispers" of what the people around her are thinking. 

While Becca has learned to keep this ability a secret from everyone but her mother and grandmother, things go wrong when Becca's mother mistakenly trusts the wrong man with the information about what Becca can do. This sets off the story and lands Becca on Whidby Island, trying to fumble her way through staying under the radar while she waits for her mother to come and get her.

Becca becomes drawn into the mysteries and histories of the inhabitants of the small community she finds herself in and can't seem to avoid becoming part of the action.

All of the characters in The Edge of Nowhere are so well formed that even when we know very little about them, we know that it's because there are secrets that have yet to be discovered. 

While Becca is the main character and most of the book follows her, the author often jumps to other characters and shows the reader their thoughts, feelings, and actions in greater detail. This kept the story moving sharply along. When Becca is no longer able to give the reader the information we need, we learn more from a secondary character that keeps the plot rolling.

While The Edge of Nowhere has some paranormal elements, it is, first and foremost a mystery and it reads like one. I found the pacing and the set-ups fit perfectly into a standard mystery form and enjoyed discovering the "who-dunnit". The actual "who" was a bit anticlimactic to me, but the end of the book offers an exciting hint of adventure that will kick off the second book in this series with a bang.

I'll definitely be reading the next book in this series and I'll hopefully finally get the chance to read more Elizabeth George. She's been on my must-try list all of last year and this year I plan to make it happen.

All in all, a smart well crafted mystery for the YA reader to enjoy with lots of potential for the story to grow in interesting and unexpected ways.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's A 2012 Top Ten List!

Merry Christmas!
While things have been quiet the here the last month or so, I want to finish off the year with a COUNTDOWN of my TOP TEN reads of the year. These are the books that kept me reading all year long. 
This year my goal was 100 books and I'm happy to say I surpassed my goal and read 131 books. You can see the whole list at Goodreads. HERE
Click on the title of each book to see my review!

Let The Countdown begin!

Number 10

by Cassandra Claire

I wasn't in love with the Mortal Instruments series, but I've found the Infernal Devices series to be irresistible. It also features one of my favourite love triangles. *sigh*

Number 9

by Julie Kagawa

Julie Kagawa really can do no wrong with me! 

Number 8

by Rachel Hawkings

A series that just kept getting better and better until it ended with one of the most exciting final books in a trilogy  I've read in a while.

Number 7

 by Jeri Smith-Ready

The best love triangle (if you can really call it that) has always been the Shade series threesome on Aura, Zach and Logan. Shine was a great goodbye to these wonderful characters (although it's not much of a good-bye considering how active they are on Twitter.)

Number 6
by Cynthia Hand

If you've read Unearthly and Hallowed I don't need to tell you why these books are great. If not, I really don't want to spoil the surprise, but the writing is beautiful and the story so addicting you'll have to keep reading to see how it all plays out.

Number 5
by Courtney Summers

Favourite Zombie book. There was so much tension in this book. It was awesome!

Number 4
by Laini Taylor

Loved this book. Such a beautiful take a Angels and Demons.

Number 3
by Sarah Rees Brennan

Unspoken was one of those rare books for me where I really had no complaints. At all. Nothing. It was amazing. 

Number 2
by Cara Lynn Shultz

My favourite couple. A book that's all romance, with some exciting supernatural adventure to keep it interesting. Spellbound set up an amazing couple in Brendan and Emma and Spellcaster   kept the energy and excitement going, totally exceeding my expectations for the series.

Number 1
by Sarah Alderson

This year I discovered Sarah Alderson with both Hunting Lila and Fated. I loved them both so much. I'm a HUGE fan of her writing and recommend you try out either book to see how great these books are

And that's my Top 10 for 2012. It was a great year for reading!

I wrote down all the books I loved over the year and then rated them. There were a few "almost top ten" that deserve honorable mentions for their greatness. They are...

 I Hope everyone has a happy and book filled Holiday!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Now this is a Christmas Card!

Just in case you don't get Dante Walker email updates, I thought I'd share Dante's Christmas card...

You can sign up HERE

You can find out more about The Collector HERE

and remember to add The Collector  by Victoria Scott to your  "To Read" list on Goodreads HERE

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Q&A with Victoria Scott Video!

The awesome Victoria Scott has done a Q & A video that she will be posting on her blog on Sunday, however she sent it out to V mafia members (she let me be an honorary member until she opens it up again, so she is obviously super nice and awesome!)

Here it is....

This book looks so good! It's one of those books that seems to be getting a lot of early attention and I know lots of other bloggers who are very excited for The Collector too. I have  a really good feeling about this book.

You can find out more at these sites:

Are you excited? What do you think?

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